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Spain rejects moves to elect secessionist as Catalonia’s president

Jordi Turull may face rebellion changes over his support for independence for the region.

Spain’s government has rejected a plan by separatists in Catalonia’s regional parliament to elect prominent secessionist politician Jordi Turull as Catalan president.

The secretary of state for territorial administration, Roberto Bermudez de Castro, said Thursday’s vote in Barcelona is just another ploy in the region’s frustrated attempt to gain independence.

He told the Spanish Senate the government will oppose the election of any candidate who faces legal proceedings.

Mr Turull is among ex-officials facing possible rebellion charges over the regional parliament’s failed attempt last year to break away from Spain.

A Supreme Court judge overseeing the rebellion investigation plans to issue indictments on Friday.

Mr Turull is the third candidate proposed by pro-independence politicians since a December election.

The central government is running Catalonia from Madrid.


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