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Survivors emerge from quake rubble

Rescuers have pulled a 70-year-old woman from her the wreckage of her home, four days after it was demolished in the Japanese quake.

The rescue of the elderly Sai Abe and a younger man pulled from rubble elsewhere in the region were rare good news following Friday's disaster.

Mrs Abe's son said he had tried to save his mother but could not get her to flee her home in the port town of Otsuchi.

His relief at her rescue, he said, was tempered by the fact that his father is still missing.

"I couldn't lift her up, and she couldn't escape because her legs are bad," Hiromi Abe said. "My feelings are complicated, because I haven't found my father."

Mrs Abe was suffering from hypothermia and sent to a hospital, but appeared to have no life-threatening injuries.

Another survivor, described as being in his 20s, was pulled from a building further down the coast in the city of Ishimaki after rescue workers heard him calling for help.

Conditions for those still alive in the rubble worsened as a cold front arrived today, further pushing down temperatures. Snow is forecast over the next few days.


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