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Swedish police shoot and injure man in ‘bomb’ scare at railway station

The incident occurred in Malmo and the man is being treated in hospital.

Police officers attend the scene (Johan Nilsson/AP)
Police officers attend the scene (Johan Nilsson/AP)

Swedish police officers shot and wounded a man who was banging a bag on the ground and claiming to have a bomb at a railway station in the city of Malmo, authorities and a witness have said.

Police evacuated the station, and a bomb squad searched it but found nothing dangerous, police spokeswoman Evelina Olsson said on Monday.

“We don’t know if he had a bomb, but probably not. It looks like it was nothing serious,” Ms Olsson said, saying police would have more details later.

A police officer cordons off an area (Johan Nilsson/AP)

Police were alerted just after 10am that a man was behaving in a menacing way at Malmo’s central station.

One witness, Malmo resident Fernando Valarino, said he was at the station waiting for a train when he saw a tall, bald man in a dark purple raincoat banging a duffel bag on the ground.

Mr Valarino said the man appeared to be about 30 years old and “I thought initially that it was a crazy person”.

At first he could not make out what the man was saying but then heard him yell “I’ve got a bomb” in English.

Police officers outside the station (Johan Nilsson/AP)

Mr Valarino said he saw station employees remove people from the area before police arrived.

“He tried to run, and shots were fired. I definitely heard three shots, but maybe there were four,” Mr Valarino, 25, said.

Officers shot the man in both legs and he remains in hospital but has so far been unwilling to explain his actions to police, Ms Olsson said.

“We are still unsure of who he is,” she said.



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