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Syria: We shot down US plane

Syria says it has shot down a US reconnaissance aircraft in a north-western province along the Mediterranean coast.

US officials said they were looking into the reports.

The SANA state news agency said the aircraft was downed north of the coastal city of Latakia. It provided no further details.

State television broadcast footage of what it said was the wreckage, including a wheel and electronic parts. Soldiers in camouflage could be seen loading some of the debris into the back of a truck.

If confirmed, it would be the first American aircraft to go down over Syria since the US expanded its aerial campaign against the Islamic State extremist group to the country in September.

A Jordanian jet crashed near the northern Syrian city of Raqqa in December. The Islamic State group captured the pilot and later burned him alive.

A US official said later a Predator drone aircraft went down in Syria, but it's not clear whether it was shot down.


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