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Syrian rebels seize border crossing

Syrian rebels have seized control of a border crossing with Turkey and ripped down the Syrian flag.

Two bombs also exploded in a Damascus suburb, causing civilian casualties, according to Syria's state news agency SANA.

The first blast went off near a secondary school in Qudsayya followed by a second explosion about 200 yards away, SANA said. School students are reportedly not among those hurt in the blasts.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi warned Iran on Tuesday that its support for the Syrian regime was hurting chances of better relations between Iran and Egypt.

The promise of greater rapprochement with Egypt is part of a package of incentives and efforts by Morsi to lure Iran away from Damascus.

The capture of the border crossing with Turkey was a strategic boost for the rebels, allowing them to ferry supplies into the country as the fighters try to tip the balance in the civil war.

Syria's rebels have captured several other crossings into Turkey, as well as one on the border with Iraq.


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