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'Tax evasion' accounts revealed

Argentina's biggest cable TV operator, a former professional football player and a politician are among the holders of some 4,000 secret Swiss bank accounts used to evade taxes, the nation's tax agency said.

The revelation came a day after it charged HSBC bank with helping Argentines evade taxes by stashing about £1.9 billion in the secret accounts.

It said that the money was handled by intermediaries through a network of offshore accounts and that it got its information from France, where HSBC was placed under formal investigation last week for possibly aiding tax evasion.

The banking company has also been charged in Belgium with organised fiscal fraud.

The Telam state news agency published the tax agency's list of the account owners yesterday.

It includes cable TV operator Cablevision and executives at Grupo Clarin, Argentina's largest media group.

The list also includes opposition politician Alfonso Prat-Gay, a former member of the Velez Sarsfield football club, executives at HSBC Argentina and a local group that fights against multiple sclerosis.

HSBC has denied any wrongdoing and several of those named yesterday also rejected the allegations.

"Cablevision informs that the accounts of the company ... mentioned in the named lists have been entirely declared and were informed to the (tax agency) in all its sworn statement," the cable television company said.

Mr Prat Gay said he also abides by all Argentine rules.

"I was never the owner or beneficiary of a bank account in Switzerland," he said on his official Facebook account.

He said all his assets had been declared to the tax agency.


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