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Tech mogul Sean Parker plans $10m 'Lord of the Rings' wedding

Sean Parker, the founder of Napster and former president of Facebook, is reportedly planning to spend up to $10m on his June 1 nuptials.

The 34-year-old tech mogul and his fiancee, singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas, have not only booked the exclusive Ventana Inn at Big Sur on the California coast, they have also hired a landscaping company to deck out the forested grounds around the resort with fake ruins, waterfalls, bridges, ponds and even a gated cottage.

Parker founded the controversial file-sharing service Napster with Shawn Fanning in 1999, and later became the first president of Facebook.

Now a backer for the music-streaming service Spotify, he was portrayed by Justin Timberlake in the Oscar-winning 2010 movie, 'The Social Network'.

He has been engaged to Lenas since February 2011 and the couple have a two-month-old daughter, Winter Victoria.

Last month they sent out save-the-date cards in the style of a medieval scroll.

"As you might imagine, this will not be a run-of-the-mill wedding," the accompanying email suggested.

According to reports, guests will arrive at the ceremony through a $600,000 (460,000) gate, surrounded by a whopping $1m worth of flowers and plants. Later in the evening, they will dance on a dance-floor costing $350,000 (269,000).

Meanwhile, Parker's guests will each be personally dressed in custom-built outfits by the Oscar-winning costume designer of 'The Lord of the Rings' movie trilogy.

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