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Tensions rise over missile test by North Korea

North Korea has been accused of preparing to test-fire a ballistic missile with enough range to hit the US.

The move comes amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, with the North declaring last week that it was abandoning pacts designed to prevent hostilities with the South.

South Korean intelligence spotted a train carrying a long, cylinder-shaped object — believed to be a long-range missile — heading to Dongchang-ni, a new missile launch site on the west coast.

Intelligence indicates the missile is probably a long-range Taepodong-2, considered the North’s most advanced rocket, which has a range of more than 4,160 miles, putting Alaska in range.

Meanwhile, Iran’s first domestically made satellite has been successfully launched into orbit, the government has announced.

It brings another development in the country’s ambitious space programme that has worried many international observers.

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