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Thai cave boys mark year rescue ordeal anniversary with Buddhist ceremony

The youngsters spoke about their lives in the year since the rescue operation that gripped the world.

The Wild Boars today (AP)
The Wild Boars today (AP)

Twelve young Thai football players whose rescue from a flooded cave complex gripped the world have marked the anniversary of their ordeal with a religious ceremony.

Members of the Wild Boars team took part in a Buddhist ceremony marking one year since the start of their ordeal before speaking at a news conference.

The story of the Wild Boars gripped the world last year (AP)

Many of the boys – now aged 12-17 – say they still dream of becoming professional football players, while others say they want to become Navy Seals like those who took part in their rescue.

The boys and their coach were lost in a cave in northern Thailand for nine nights before being found.

It took another eight days for them all to make it out safe.



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