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Thai government urged to delay vote

Thailand's election commission has urged the government to delay polls scheduled for February 2.

The announcement followed seven hours of violent protests outside a sports stadium being used by candidates to draw lots for their position on polling papers for the vote.

The call by the commission will add to the political uncertainty gripping the nation.

In a statement, the commission said it is urging the government to consider "postponing the elections", citing the lack of "peace" between the government and protesters.


A police officer was killed in the clashes in the capital.

Police spokesman Anucha Romyana says the officer died after being airlifted to a hospital.

It is unclear how the officer died, but police said earlier that an officer had been struck by a bullet during the clashes.

At least 60 people have been injured in the day of unrest.

The protesters are seeking to topple the government and prevent the elections from taking place as scheduled.


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