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Theresa May to have dinner with leaders who support beheading, executing gay people, and 'disappearing' their critics

Theresa May is visiting Bahrain to meet with leaders of Gulf states, who are in the country for a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

She will attend a dinner with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman on Tuesday, before addressing the plenary session of the summit on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister will use the visit to announce a new working group with regional nations to combat the financing of terrorists. The UK will provide three specialist cyber experts to the Gulf states to help deal with extremism.

She will also unveil a new permanent British defence staff in Dubai to co-ordinate regional activities, and a dedicated military officer embedded with Bahrain's Ministry of Interior bomb disposal unit to provide management support and training.

One thing that unites the region’s countries are their terrible human rights records.


  • Police fired live ammunition into crowds during the Arab Spring protests
  • Authorities have shut down newspapers and TV stations that air criticism of the Government
  • Security services used torture in response to protests – with methods so extreme they resulted in deaths


  • Hereditary monarchy with no democratic institutions
  • Tight restrictions on protesting and freedom of assembly
  • Reporters of journalists and activists critical of government ‘disappearing’

Saudi Arabia

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  • Provides clandestine financial and logistical support to Isis (according to Hillary Clinton)
  • Forced labour of migrant workers with hundreds of deaths reported on major projects
  • Flogging enforceable as a punishment under Sharia law for drinking alcohol or ‘illicit sexual relations’
  • Death penalty or prison sentences for gay people

United Arab Emirates

  • No democratically elected government
  • Has not signed international human rights and workers’ rights treaties
  • Death penalty or prison for gay people


  • Stateless minority groups lack citizenship rights
  • All citizens must provide DNA samples to government
  • Far-reaching restrictions on freedom of speech and criticism of the Government

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