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This guy enacted the perfect revenge on an 'obnoxious' group next to him at a coffee shop

Be careful who you share your ideas around…


The most you’d expect to get for being excessively loud in a coffee shop would be a few dirty looks from staff and customers – but a group in Paris got more than they might have bargained for.

After being asked to quiet down but choosing to be rude to the waiters instead, Khalil Sehnaoui, who’d been working on his laptop close by, waited for his opportunity to teach the group a lesson and then pounced. Their loud voices turned out to be their downfall.

Note to everyone out there: don’t share your future business plans with an entire room of strangers.

That’s some well-thought out revenge. Khalil said he’d been inspired by something similar he’d read about, and jumped at his chance to try it out.

“The people were extremely loud and obnoxious, and when they were asked by the wait staff to tone it down they were very rude to them,” he said.

“I had read about something similar and since I could hear them from nearly across the room, as soon as they started high-fiving each other about that awesome name they just found, I jumped on the occasion and registered it.”

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Khalil, a Lebanese Information Security official, hopes the people have since learned their lesson and plans to release the domain (the name of which he won’t reveal) soon.

“I did not expect this to go as viral as it did so now if I mentioned the name of the website they will get a lot of free publicity – and though I think they deserved a lesson in manners I don’t think they deserve all that free coverage.”

The 41-year-old hopes his prank can act as a reminder to people.

“Don’t be rude to working people, don’t be loud in public places and be mindful of others, don’t discuss private business ideas in public,” he said.

It seems like pretty good advice – you never know who might be listening.

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