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Three shot dead in custody row

A man shot dead his estranged wife, her boyfriend and his mother in a row over custody arrangements for their young daughter, police said.

Officers said 35-year-old Kevin Cleeves went to the house of Vincent Santucci, 25 and his mother Rosemary Holma, 55 to confront his estranged wife Brandi.

He had been trying to call her over arrangements for seeing four-year-old Leia but when he couldn't make contact he drove to the house in Quincy, Pennsylvania on Friday night.

According to court papers when he was asked to leave, he opened fire shooting dead 25-year-old Brandi and Santucci and Santucci's mother.

He then drove off with his daughter. Police caught up with him 250 miles away in Ohio. His daughter was found safe and unharmed.

He charged with three counts of criminal homicide.


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