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Toe gate: Spanish mayoress Mamen Sanchez's feet go viral

By Denise Calnan

A Spanish mayoress has caused a stir online... with her little toes.

Socialist Mamen Sanchez was being sworn in after elections when her toes caught the attention of the nation.

Sanchez wore heeled sandals to the event but her little toes stuck out at an uncomfortable angle on either side of her shoes.

The foot malfunction led to speculation about a 'sixth toe' and hundreds of memes and jokes emerged online.

But the mayoress of the southern Spanish town of Jerez took it in her stride that she had made the headlines for something as bizarre as her feet.

"I haven’t laughed so much in a long time at all the comments, memes and news stories about my shoes and little toe," she tweeted alongside a photo of 'Team Mamen', a close-up of her and four other women with their little toes hanging out of their shoes.

Another social media user joked: “The mayoress of Jerez got off on the wrong foot by excluding the little ones. I hate to think what she’ll do with the big ones.”

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