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Tractor driver death toll hits 17

The death toll from a rampage by a drunken tractor driver in China has risen to 17.

Families of the victims mourned their loved ones at funerals across Yuanshi County in the northern province of Hebei, a day after 38-year-old Li Xianliang went berserk.

Li took to the wheel of his shovel loader after killing his boss at the coal depot where he worked.

The two had apparently feuded about money while drinking, but it is not known why Li decided to attack the surrounding community.

Li, 38, drove down the road, hitting cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks and roadside shops.

He eventually stopped in a field where police subdued him and will face the death penalty if convicted of murder.

China has seen a string of apparently unrelated rampage attacks this year, often by knife-wielding maniacs targeting nurseries and elementary schools.

Fears over copycat attacks led the government to limit coverage about the assaults, which have left more than two dozen people dead and scores wounded.


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