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Trump running mate Mike Pence 'man of honour'

White House hopeful Donald Trump has said the man who will join him on the Republican presidential ticket is a "man of character, honour and honesty".

Mr Trump called Indiana governor Mike Pence "a solid, solid person" and contrasted his character with what he deemed "the corruption of Hillary Clinton," his likely Democratic opponent in the election this autumn.

Mr Trump declared at an announcement event in New York: "What a difference between crooked Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence."

The two men are scheduled to formally become their party's nominees at next week's Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Mr Trump said he and Mr Pence are the "the law and order candidates", adding that his potential administration would be far tougher on both foreign and domestic terrorism than Mrs Clinton.

Mr Trump said his selection for running mate is one that will help him restore manufacturing jobs nationwide and protect religious freedom.

The billionaire spoke for nearly half an hour on Saturday as he introduced his pick for the man who could be America's next vice president, calling Mr Pence onto the stage at the end.

Mr Trump touted Indiana's falling unemployment rate, spoke in favour of Mr Pence's credentials as a family man and noted that the governor "looks good".

He claimed that while Mr Pence had endorsed Mr Trump's party rival Ted Cruz in Indiana's primary, the governor also praised Mr Trump as he did so.

But while Mr Trump said his choice was partially driven by a desire to promote "party unity", he took a moment to attack the so-called "Never Trump" delegates attending next week's Republican National Convention.

He bragged that they had been "crushed".


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