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Trump win would improve relations with Russia: Peer

By Sam Lister

A Donald Trump victory in the US presidential election could help make the world safer, a former head of the armed forces has claimed.

The billionaire Republican, who has been attacked for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin during the campaign, would "reinvigorate" relations between Washington and Moscow, according to Lord Richards.

Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, however, risks provoking conflict with Russia over Syria if she wins the race for the White House, he claimed.

The crossbench peer said there was a "strong case" for allowing Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to take back Aleppo to bring the humanitarian crisis to an end.

"In the Cold War era, states coalesced and they had this understanding and it worked - even though there was a massive amount at stake, communications and mutual understanding between Russia and America wasn't too bad," he told The House magazine.

"It's non-State actors like Isis that are the biggest threat to our security. If countries and states could coalesce better to deal with these people - and I think Trump's instinct is to go down that route - then I think there's the case for saying that the world certainly won't be any less safe.

"It's that lack of understanding and empathy with each other as big power players that is a risk to us all at the moment.

"Therefore, I think he would reinvigorate big power relationships, which might make the world, ironically, safer.

"If the humanitarian situation in Syria is our major concern, which it should be - millions of lives have been ruined, hundreds of thousands have been killed - I believe there is a strong case for allowing Assad to get in there and take the city back," he said.

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