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Tunisian PM calls group terrorists

Tunisia's prime minister has labelled an ultraconservative Islamist group implicated in last year's US Embassy attack a terrorist organisation with links to al Qaida.

Ali Larayedh said in a press conference that the salafist group Ansar al-Sharia was considered a terrorist organisation, based on seized documents, confessions and weapons captured from group members.

The group is believed to have helped to orchestrate an attack last September on the US Embassy by protesters angered by a US film mocking Islam; four assailants were killed in the clashes.

The group's leader, Seifallah Ben Hassine, was imprisoned by the former Tunisian regime until his release following the revolution that overthrew the secular dictatorship.

Ben Hassine is in hiding, and Mr Larayedh urged other members of the group to quit or face the justice system.


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