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Tunisia's foreign minister quits

The resignation of Tunisia's foreign minister has been announced on state media as authorities sought to quell unrest by street protesters who want to oust other allies of deposed former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

The TAP news agency announcement about foreign minister Kamel Morjane came as prime minister Mohamed Ghannouchi was expected to reveal the make-up of Tunisia's second interim government since Mr Ben Ali fled the North African country on January 14 after weeks of protests.

Demonstrators have complained bitterly about corruption, repression and the lack of jobs under Mr Ben Ali's rule.

Mr Morjane was quoted by TAP as saying he is resigning "in the interest of Tunisia" to help ensure that Tunisia's "popular revolution" can lead to greater freedom.

In common with Mr Ghannouchi, he had served under Mr Ben Ali but remained in power amid the government's promised transition to democracy.

The caretaker government includes some former opposition leaders, but many top posts were retained by Mr Ben Ali's cronies. Protesters want those old-guard politicians out.

Mr Ghannouchi has been trying to replace five ministers who resigned shortly after his caretaker government was formed.


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