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Two killed during Syria protests

Eyewitnesses and activists said at least two people have been shot to death during an anti-government protest in central Syria.

It was not immediately clear who shot at the protesters in Homs.

An eyewitness said gunmen wearing black clothes opened fire at hundreds of people gathered in the Talbiseh district, killing at least two and wounding several others. A human rights activist confirmed the two deaths.

Thousands of people shouting "We Want Freedom!" took to the streets in Syria, a day after President Bashar Assad promised to end nearly 50 years of emergency rule in an attempt to quell a growing uprising.

In more than a month of protests about 200 people have been killed as security forces tried to crush the protests using live ammunition, tear gas and batons.

Syria's leading pro-democracy group, the Damascus Declaration, urged Syrians to stage peaceful protests in all Syrian cities and abroad to "bolster Syria's popular uprising and ensure its continuity".

In a strongly worded statement posted on the group's website, the Damascus Declaration said the regime was responsible for killing and wounding hundreds of Syrians who have been calling for their legitimate rights in the past month.

"The regime alone stands fully responsible for the blood of martyrs and all that will happen next in the country," the statement said.

Other activists also called for protests through social network sites.

Bowing to pressure from the uprising now in its second month, Assad promised on Saturday to end the widely despised emergency law, but coupled his concession with a stern warning that further unrest will be considered sabotage.


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