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U2 'honoured' to be involved with Obama celebrations

Irish band U2 said yesterday they were honoured and privileged to be part of a "sea change moment" in history as Barack Obama prepares to be inaugurated as US President.

Up to half a million people gathered to welcome Mr Obama to Washington before before the President-elect attended an open air concert at the Lincoln Memorial where U2 were among a host of acts including Bruce Springsteen and Beyonce to play.

Speaking before the event, Bono said: "We have to remind ourselves that we are Irish and we really have no right to be here.

The Edge described their attendance at the event as "like being an eye witness to history".

"You are there at a big sea change moment when America comes of age in many ways," he said.

"The promise of what America always represented is being brought forth and is actually happening now and it's really amazing."

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