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UK promises £5m Pakistan flood aid

The British Government has pledged £5 million to help hundreds of thousands of those left homeless by Pakistan's flood disaster.

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said at least 800,000 people would benefit from the new UK aid, which will go towards providing safe drinking water, hygiene kits and toilets.

Up to 1,200 people have died and two million have fled their homes since heavy monsoon rains caused floods across huge swathes of north-west Pakistan.

The British aid, which is being channelled through the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), will buy around 136,000 hygiene kits, 4,560 toilets, 336,000 bars of sanitising soap, 270,000 buckets, 400,000 water purification kits and 800,000 water purification tablets.

The UK's Department for International Development has already contributed another £5 million to the UN-run Pakistan Emergency Response Fund.

This will pay for food, shelter, water, sanitation and healthcare for thousands of people affected by the floods.

Mr Mitchell said: "I know many British people are deeply concerned by the terrible suffering caused by the ongoing monsoon floods in Pakistan.

"The government of Pakistan is leading the relief efforts, and the UK is ready to help in any way we can.

"The UK's contribution to the emergency relief effort will help limit disease and further deaths by helping provide safe drinking water, food, toilets, medical care, and other essential items to at least 800,000 people in Pakistan affected by the monsoon floods."


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