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UK woman held 'en route to Syria'

A 21-year-old British woman suspected of trying to travel to Islamic State territory in Syria has been detained in Turkey, government officials said.

The woman, identified as JNH, was detained at a bus terminal in Ankara last night and is being held pending deportation hearings.

One of the Turkish officials said authorities apprehended her based on Turkish intelligence and were not tipped off by British authorities.

The officials said correspondence and images on the woman's phone indicated she was planning to head to IS territory.

The woman is among a spate of young Britons who have travelled through Turkey to reach Syria.

Last week, three British teenagers were detained by Turkish authorities after arriving from Spain, and deported to Britain.

Last month, three British girls travelled from the UK to Turkey, from where they are believed to have crossed into Syria.

The woman left the UK on a flight to Belgium on Saturday, according to the Turkish officials, and then continued on flights to Istanbul and Ankara.


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