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Unfunny girl label's no laughing matter for Nicole Kidman

Pratfalls, gags, dry wit ... Nicole Kidman says: Bring it on.

The Oscar-winning star says she never gets offered comedy roles - and she's dying to change that.

"They always say I'm not funny," Kidman, 50, told a panel for Beverly Hills TV critics to talk about her upcoming role in the second instalment of SundanceTV's Top Of The Lake.

She says she is at a point in her life where she is eager to try anything and is not worried about failure.

"I'm willing to fall on my face, I'm willing to get back up again. I want to keep trying," she said.

Kidman says she's also learning about comedy from her nine-year-old daughter with her husband Keith Urban, whom she's "sure has Lucille Ball in her".

Kidman said she grew up watching comedy shows like I Love Lucy and her father was a fan of the satirical MAD Magazine.

"The thing that makes me close to people is laughing with them, I love it," she added.

Top Of The Lake: China Girl debuts in a three-night event beginning on September 10 on SundanceTV.

Kidman plays the adoptive mother to the daughter Elisabeth Moss' character gave away at birth for adoption as a young mother.



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