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US charges five Chinese military hackers with cyber espionage: 'Bid to gain advantage in nuclear power, metals and solar product industries'

By Rob Williams

A US grand jury has charged five Chinese military hackers with cyber espionage against US corporations in a landmark set of indictments.

It marks the first time the US has brought hacking charges against another state actor.

The widely expected but unprecedented announcement alleges that the Chinese conspired to hack into American entities in a bid to steal information that may prove useful to business competitors in China.

The US claims that the Chinese hackers spied on six American targets in nuclear power, metals and solar product industries.

Six American companies, including United States Steel Corp , Alcoa Inc and Allegheny Technologies Inc, and one labor union were victims of Chinese hacking attacks, US officials said.

Attorney General Eric Holder and other federal law enforcement officials are expected to announce and detail the indictments later today.

Holder said in a statement that the US will not tolerate foreign government efforts to sabotage American companies.

China has said it faces similar attacks.

Source: Independent

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