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US distillery agrees to drop Highland name but can still call produce whisky

The Scotch Whisky Association wanted the Virginia outfit to use the whiskey spelling to make clear it is not Scotch.

A glass of whisky (David Cheskin/PA)
A glass of whisky (David Cheskin/PA)

By Associated Press Reporter

A Virginia distillery is toasting the end of a lawsuit alleging that it improperly tried to pass off American whiskey as Scotch.

The Scotch Whisky Association alleged in US federal court in Delaware that Virginia Distillery Co engaged in false and deceptive labelling of whiskey sold under the brand name Virginia-Highland Whisky.

The lawsuit claimed that the use of the term Highland and its spelling of Whisky without an e falsely implied that the product was produced in Scotland.

The case was terminated earlier this month.

As part of the settlement, Virginia Distillery will stop using the word Highland after it sells remaining stock.

The distillery will continue to label all products using “whisky” without the e, which it says is allowed under US law.



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