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US millionaire bequeaths 100,000 dollar fund to 32 cockatiels

A New York millionaire who died this summer has bequeathed a 100,000 dollar (£66,000) trust fund to care for her 32 pet cockatiels.

The New York Post reported that Leslie Ann Mandel's will asks that the small parrots continue living in an aviary at her four million dollar (£2.6m) East Hampton home.

The will names each bird, from Margie and Nicki to Zara and Zack 12.

With Ms Mandel's stepson as trustee, the fund also will care for a cat named Kiki and a rescue dog named Frosty.

Mandel ran a fundraising firm and amassed a 5.3 million dollar (£3.5m) fortune. She died in June aged 69.

Other wills also have provided for pets. Hotel magnate Leona Helmsley left 12 million dollars (£8m) to her dog, Trouble, but a judge trimmed the bequest to 2 million dollars (£1.3m).


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