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US policeman Che Milton went extra mile for family after child was caught shoplifting

Atlanta Officer Che Milton has been hailed a hero by locals.

A US policeman went beyond the call of duty after he was dispatched to a local store where a girl had been caught stealing.

Officer Che Milton from the City of Atlanta Police Department was responding to calls a 12-year-old had shoplifted a pair of $2 shoes from a Family Dollar store.

The girl told the officer she had taken the items for her five-year-old sister at home, as their family couldn’t afford to buy shoes.

Curious and concerned to see what the youngster’s living conditions were like, Officer Milton took her home to her family, where he learned she was the eldest of four children – the youngest a newborn – in a household with terrible living conditions.

There were not enough beds for all the children, the only furniture was an old sofa and the food cupboards were bare. The mother explained that she was unable to work as she couldn’t afford the childcare fees for the younger children, and her husband is in and out of town for work but doesn’t make much.

Officer Milton wanted to help the family and contacted the Division of Family and Children Services to alert them to the Staples’ situation and see if there was anything that could be done.

The City of Atlanta Police contacted the Staples family to find out exactly what items they needed, and have since been collecting donations that have come flooding in.

Officer Milton also bought four pizzas and two large drinks for the family, who were sincerely grateful. His selfless actions have been praised, and has spurred hundreds with the desire to help and support the family.



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