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US Senator's ringtone of Frozen's Let It Go interrupts congressional hearing

It's not the ringtone you might expect a US Senator to have- but yesterday a finance meeting was interrupted with the familiar refrain of Frozen's Let It Go

The 78-year-old  Republican US senator has more in common with the younger population than you might think.

Pat Roberts was questioning the agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack in a Senate finance meeting when his phone starting ringing.

And much to the surprise of those around him - his ringtone was Let it Go from Frozen.

He uttered an embarrassed “aw c’mon” as the interruption got a few laughs from the room, and quickly silenced his phone. The meeting then continued, but not before he turned to Vilsack to tell him to “let it go, mister”.

Since its US release in November 2013, Frozen has made nearly $1.3 billion (£900m) at the global box office alone, and generated a massive merchandising revenue stream.

As well as making big bucks, the film also received prestigious industry recognition when it received Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Song for 'Let It Go'.

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