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US skateboard clothing brand IRA comes under fire on Twitter for unfortunate moniker choice

A US clothing brand has come under fire due to its unfortunate choice of moniker.

Impact Reduction Apparel (IRA) faced an onslaught of light-hearted criticism, given its unintended controversial acronym.

And that prompted the firm to 'clarify' it had "no affiliation" with the republican group.

"Impact Reduction Apparel is who we are. We have no affiliation with ANY terror groups," the company posted on Twitter.

The company produces safety clothing for skateboarders.

Among those poking fun at the company was comedy troupe, the Rubber Bandits.

One Twitter post said: "I think we're all being a bit harsh on @IRA_Apparel . My uncle once accidentally opened a bakery called Mujahideen."

Last year Korean car maker Kia faced criticism after it named its new vehicle 'Provo'.

The company since abandoned the Provo after angry unionists urged Kia to rebrand.

Although in these cases the naming was unintended, a number of other cases have been much more offensive.

In 2013 a London pub removed a cocktail - named after one of the worst atrocities during the course of the Troubles - from its menu, following uproar.

The 'Sundae, Bloody Sundae' drink – which was served with a toy soldier perched on top of a swirl of cream – had been sold at Adventure Bar in upmarket Covent Garden.

In 2012, footwear giant Nike was slated after it launched a 'Black and Tan' trainer ahead of St Patrick's Day.

'Irish Car Bomb' pies also sold out at a popular New York market – the food named after a popular US drink comprising of stout, cream liqueur and whiskey.

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