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US 'supports Falklands status quo'

Prime Minister David Cameron revealed that he discussed the recent tensions over the Falkland Islands with US President Barack Obama during their talks at the White House on Wednesday.

Mr Cameron said Mr Obama made clear that the US was content with the status quo, under which the islands remain a British overseas territory.

Argentina has revived the dispute over the islands it calls the Malvinas as the 30th anniversary of the war approaches.

As he visited the site of Ground Zero in New York, Mr Cameron was asked whether he was concerned about Washington's approach to the issue.

He replied: "We discussed the issue briefly yesterday. I wanted to stress how important it is for Britain to set out how clearly we support the right of the Falkland Islanders to determine their own future.

"They want to remain with us and that is very clear.

"The US position is that they support the status quo, they don't argue against the status quo and that is very welcome. They are content with the status quo, they are not challenging the status quo.

"To me it is very important that we stick up for the right of self-determination. The people who live in the Falkland Islands want to continue with their current status.

"What I wanted to do in this 30th anniversary year is send a very clear signal to the rest of the world - Argentina and others - that while the Falkland Islanders want that status, Britain will help them keep that status."


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