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Video: Screaming man gives up after 2 hours in birth simulation experiment

Push, push ... you're doing a great job darling.

Can a man ever truly understand what it takes to give birth? Well, the answer is now "yes"  thanks, or no thanks, to a team of Dutch scientists.

A radio presenter is the latest test subject at The Birth Hotel, a private maternity facility in Amsterdam

After a brief labour of just over two hours, Newstalk's Henry McKean is now the proud father of a plastic doll he has named David.

The 34-year-old took part in the experimen where he was attached to a series of electrodes, which can simulate labour pains.

Speaking after his ordeal  Mr McKean was in a philosophical mood – although he was still riddled with "phantom pains".

"It made me broody and appreciate what women do and appreciate babies. I feel I know what life is all about," he said.

Other men who have been strapped to the machine lasted only two hours before calling it quits, so Mr McKean was pleased he managed to endure it for two hours and 15 minutes.

"It was painful, really, really tough. I broke my leg 20 years ago and it was like that. But I feel I understand ladies better," he said.

Mr McKean admitted that his "birth video" – which will be posted on YouTube later this week – was "humiliating". While he managed to avoid bursting into tears, he did resort to swearing at his "birthing partner", Hayley O'Connor.

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