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Wal-Mart store's Coke display stacked like Twin Towers removed

Wal-Mart said a display of Coke cans stacked to look like the World Trade Centre at a Florida store has been removed and was not meant to be disrespectful near the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

The display was criticised online after a photo was posted on Twitter, and BuzzFeed wrote about it.

The photo showed the World Trade Centre towers built with Coke Zero packages.

A backdrop of the American flag was made with red regular Coke, silver Diet Coke and blue Sprite.

Wal-Mart said the display was removed on Wednesday.

It said: "We hold this moment in our country's history in the highest regard, and there was nothing disrespectful intended."

The Coca-Cola bottler for the region said the display was meant to honour local firefighters.

It apologised and said the display has been replaced.



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