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Want to live longer? Try using anti-wrinkle treatments

By John von Radowitz

Drugs that smooth away wrinkles and put a spring in your step could also increase lifespan, research suggests.

Scientists have discovered that genes linked to youthful looks and supple limbs also appear to affect longevity.

The study focused on strategies known to boost the lifespan of the tiny laboratory worm Caenorhabditis elegans, including calorie restriction and use of the drug rapamycin.

Researchers found an increase in the activity of genes that produce collagen - vital to young-looking skin - and other elements of the extra-cellular matrix (ECM).

The ECM is the framework of scaffolding that supports tissues, organs and bones.

ECM structures deteriorate with age and collagens have been implicated in conditions ranging from diabetes complications to heart and artery and kidney diseases.

Separate studies have shown that mice given a treatment that makes them genetically disposed to living longer develop stronger and more elastic muscle tendons.

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