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Watch: Artist mows giant portrait of Neil Armstrong into Italian field

The 26,000 square metre (279.862 square feet) artwork marks 50 years since Armstrong’s moon mission.

(Dario Gambarin/AP)
(Dario Gambarin/AP)

To mark 50 years since his mission to the moon, a giant portrait of Neil Armstrong has been mown into a field in northern Italy.

The 26,000 square metre (279.862 square feet) tribute to the American astronaut was made in Castagnaro, near Verona by Italian land-artist Dario Gambarin – who used a tractor to create it.

The artwork is one of a myriad of tributes that have been made to the first moon landing, which took place on July 20 1969.

Armstrong died at the age of 82 in 2012, becoming a global hero when, as a pilot commanding the Apollo 11 spacecraft, he made “one giant leap for mankind” by being the first person to step on the moon.

(PA Archive)

It is the latest in a series of depictions of famous figures by Mr Gambarin, who previously produced a giant image of former US president Barack Obama to coincide with his visit to Italy in July 2009, and Pope Francis immediately after his election in March 2013.

(Dario Gambarin/AP)

The artist often destroys the pieces within a few days so that the field can be cultivated by farmers.



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