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We're '95pc certain' the Yeti exists, says Siberia

By Shaun Walker

After a rise in sightings and a conference devoted to providing evidence of the fabled creature's existence, Siberian officials have proclaimed that they are "95pc certain" of the existence of the Yeti.

The bold claim comes after a gathering of "Yeti experts" in the Kemerovo region. Those in attendance swapped stories testifying to the existence of the forest-dwelling semi-human beasts.

With Yeti sightings apparently up 300pc over the past two decades, the town of Tashtagol was chosen to host the international conference.

Participants went on a hike through nearby forest land and found outsized footprints in caves.They exchanged supposedly incontrovertible evidence of the existence of the hirsute hominids, including videos.

Sceptics suggested, however, that the whole exercise was a weak attempt to boost tourism to the Siberian region.

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