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Weston feels for Falkland islanders

Wounded war veteran Simon Weston has expressed sympathy with the people of the Falkland Islands as Argentina continues to press its claim to the disputed territory.

Tensions have risen in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the war for the islands in which Mr Weston was badly injured.

He told BBC Breakfast: "I feel for the islanders, because they're the ones being constantly berated and threatened, and are constantly having their fishing fleet and supply ships harassed and impounded."

He added: "They've got four or five South American countries to ban Falklands ships from going into their ports, if they are flying the Falklands flag - but they can still fly the English ensign, so why are we worried about it?

"We're never going to give in to what they want, the islanders have the right to self determination."

Nicolas Fuster, an Argentinian student living in Britain, told the same programme he believed the islands, called the Malvinas by Argentina, should be under the Argentine government but the islanders should be protected.

"I think we should work together, we Argentines and British, to make this the best for the islanders," he said. "I think Argentina has the right to claim the Malvinas because of historical and geographical reasons."

With the 30th anniversary of the conflict approaching, London and Buenos Aires have been engaging in increasingly bitter exchanges.

Prime Minister David Cameron has accused Argentina of "colonialism" following months of escalating rhetoric from the South American country.


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