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White supremacist given lethal jab for 9/11 killing

By Rupert Cornwell

Despite a dramatic legal effort by one of his victims to prevent it, a white supremacist was put to death yesterday for killing an Asian shopkeeper.

Mark Stroman (41) had gone on a shooting spree that he claimed was in retaliation for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Stroman died by lethal injection in the Texas death chamber in Huntsville after a state appeals court had rejected the claim of Rais Bhuiyan - a Bangladeshi man who had been shot by Stroman but survived - that his Muslim religion allowed him to forgive his assailant.

"Killing him is not the solution," Mr Bhuiyan said. "He's learning from his mistake. If he's given a chance, he's able to reach out and spread that message to others."

Less that an hour later, Stroman, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood supremacist group, went to his death.

He called himself "still a proud American, Texas loud, Texas proud". Then, as he lay strapped to a trolley, he said: "Let's do this damn thing."

In his rampage through Dallas three weeks after 9/11, Stroman killed two people as well as wounding Mr Bhuiyan and blinding him in one eye. He said he was targeting Arabs.

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