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Woman criticised by Christian neighbours for having a 'relentlessly gay' garden

A note warned "This is a Christian area and there are children. Keep it up and I will be forced to call the police on you!"

A bisexual woman whose neighbours have complained about her having a "relentlessly gay" garden has responded by crowd funding to make it “even gayer”.

Julie Baker, 47, says she received a typed note from an anonymous resident which she believes was posted in response to the rainbow coloured fairy lights she put up in her garden.

The note read: “Dear Resident of 4900 Kenwood Ave., Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay! Myself and Others in the neighborhood ask that you Tone It Down. This is a Christian area and there are Children. Keep it up and I will be Forced to call the Police on You! Your kind need to have respect for GOD.”

It was signed: “A Concerned Home Owner.”

The mother of four, from Baltimore, was shocked to find the note and does not know which of her neighbours sent it.

However, refusing to adhere to its message, she has set up a fundraising page online asking for donations so that she can make her garden even more “relentlessly gay”.

She told the Baltimore City Paper that she is bisexual but insisted the rainbow lights weren't put up to make a statement.

"The point of the rainbows isn't about being gay. It's because we love rainbows. I have a rainbow tattoo on my arm. We're going to decorate the white siding of our house with them."

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