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World news in brief: North and South Korea hold talks

The rival Koreas have held their first top level talks in nearly two years. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, whose 18 months in office have seen a sharp deterioration in relations with Pyongyang, met a North Korean delegation bearing a message from Kim Jong-il.

The 30-minute meeting was a new beginning but “it's too early to expect a thaw in inter-Korean relations”, a senior presidential official said.

Hurricane delays Obama holiday

Hurricane Bill blew out in time for the Obama family to blow in to Martha's Vineyard for the president's first holiday since taking office. The first family began their break yesterday just hours after the National Hurricane Centre lifted a tropical storm warning that had included the small island off the Massachusetts coast where the Obamas plan a week-long break. The hurricane forced the president to delay his departure from Andrews Air Force Base by a few hours to mid-afternoon.

Tarantino flick tops box office

Quentin Tarantino scored the best opening of his colourful career with his World War Two drama Inglourious Basterds. It topped the worldwide box office after selling tickets worth £39.5m, distributors said yesterday. In the US and Canada, it totaled $37.6m, surpassing his previous best Kill Bill Vol 2. It also had No. 1 openings in France, Britain and Germany.

OAP wheelchair trekker rejected

A disabled German pensioner powered himself 125 miles cross-country in his wheelchair over four days to propose to his true love — only for her to turn him down with a firm “Nein”. The spurned 67-year-old from Minden then did an about-turn and began the long trek home. Disaster struck again, however, when he tried to pick some corn, fell out of his wheelchair, and had to be rescued by police. Officers told Der Spiegel that the man's wooing technique might have been ultimately unsuccessful but it demonstrated “immense upper body strength”.

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