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Yellowstone gun death tot named

Yellowstone National Park has named a three-year-old girl who died after apparently shooting herself with a handgun.

Park officials in Wyoming said the shooting of Ella Tucker, of Pocatello, Idaho, remained under investigation. They did not name the girl's parents' or give further details of what happened, including how they believe the little girl obtained the gun.

They said Ella's mother called for help on Saturday to report her daughter had shot herself with a handgun. Park rangers who rushed to Grant Village Campground on the western shore of Yellowstone Lake were unable to resuscitate her.

It was the first shooting death in Yellowstone since 1978, when two fatal shootings occurred in the park that year, records show.

Carrying a gun in a national park has been legal under a national law that took effect in 2010.

The shooting happened during a time of year when summer tourism in Yellowstone begins to slow. About three million people visit the park every year.

Heart attacks are the most common cause of death in Yellowstone.


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