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You can quote me on that! More memorable quips from 2014

By Ivan Little

Part two of our look back at some of the most memorable quotes of 2014 from the political, sporting and social spheres during a year of highs and lows.

It's a very worrying moment when it pops up, this little blue blob that looks like Eamonn Holmes.

Comedian Brian Conley on the birth of his first child

He just visits us unannounced and has a drink, a game of snooker and a yarn, or a carry-on.

Geordie Hayes, secretary of The Blades social club in east Belfast, on actor and Sheffield Utd fan Sean Bean who drops by when filming here

He was a victorious human being who defeated a mighty foe.

Lawyer Gareth Pierce speaking at the Belfast funeral of Gerry Conlon, who was one of the Guildford Four and whose story was the subject of the film In The Name Of The Father

It's not every day a chance like this comes your way.

Belfast actor Brian Milligan masters the art of understatement as he talks about his upcoming work in America with Robert Redford

A man who wants to marry a girl of 14 will be asked for a dowry of two cows or goats.

The rules of matrimony in Africa as outlined to Ulsterman Gavin Weston at a conference aimed at outlawing forced marriages

Yes, he's our best-known fan and we're proud to have him backing us.

Bangor FC chairman Trevor Best talking about Fifty Shades Of Grey and The Fall actor Jamie Dornan

There's never been a better day to have a quiet round of golf here - a really quiet round of golf.

A Holywood golf club official explains the deserted fairways because everyone was in the clubhouse watching Rory McIlroy winning The Open

Typical tabloid rubbish.

Nigel Dodds dismisses newspaper speculation that Peter Robinson is preparing to quit as party leader and take a seat in the Lords

I've been shafted.

Belfast-born promoter Peter Aiken points the finger at Dublin City Council for the cancellation of five concerts at Croke Park by US country singer Garth Brooks

If the Prime Minister (Enda Kenny) wants to talk to me I will crawl, swim, I will fly over there this weekend and sit in front of him. I will drop on my knees and beg for those 400,000 people to have fun.

Last-minute plea by Garth Brooks to save his Croke Park concerts. He stayed at home

Just don't do it. You are playing Russian roulette.

Dungannon father Pat Devlin's warning after the death of his 18-year-old daughter Alice, who thought a drug she had taken was ecstasy

He showed a steely determination in leading the successful investigation into the barbaric crimes carried out by the Shankill butchers. Eleven perpetrators were convicted of the 19 murders of innocent people.

Police Federation chairman Terry Spence speaking after the death of RUC detective Jimmy Nesbitt who put the UVF killers behind bars

There are thousands of bodies which have lain here undiscovered for all these years.

Teddy Colligan, the resident curator of the First World War memorial, the Ulster Tower, at the scene of the Battle of the Somme after the remains of a soldier were unearthed during roadworks on the centre's doorstep

It's a wee bit like having George Best back again, isn't it?

Actor Adrian Dunbar on the thrill of seeing Rory McIlroy winning all before him

To be lectured on good relations by the DUP is a bit like being told to sit up straight by the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Respect MP George Galloway on criticism of a visit he made to Belfast

I have lost a friend, broadcasting has lost a giant and Derry has lost a treasure.

Musician Phil Coulter on the death of Radio Ulster broadcaster Gerry Anderson

Once political opponents - I have lost a friend.

Message on Twitter from Martin McGuinness after the death of his Chuckle Brother Ian Paisley.

He was a colossus in unionism.

Peter Robinson on the death of his predecessor as DUP leader and First Minister

If there is such a thing as hellfire, (Ian) Paisley is already burning in it.

Writer Dominic Lawson speaks ill of the dead after the passing of the former DUP leader

Brian Kennedy in concert.

Strange poster appears in Warrenpoint in 2014 for a gig in December 2003

We hope that Scotland knows just how much we want them to remain in the UK.

Peter Robinson urges Scots to say No to independence

It showed that it is possible to discuss important constitutional issues in a spirit of respect for all sides.

Martin McGuinness calls for a border poll here after Scotland votes to stay in the UK

It is a decision that I have not come to lightly, but it is one that I make with love and great joy.

Political correspondent Martina Purdy announcing that she is leaving the BBC to become a nun

Curry my yoghurt, can coca coalyer.

Gregory Campbell makes fun of the Irish language in a Stormont debate

Pure ignorance.

Sinn Fein's Culture Minister Caral Ni Chuilin responds - in English - to Gregory Campbell's "Curry my yoghurt" remarks

As a fellow Protestant and a fellow Free Presbyterian, I think it's about time he apologised and pulled his horns in a little bit.

Ian Paisley's cleric son Kyle slams the DUP's Gregory Campbell over his "Curry my yoghurt" mockery of the Irish language

She said she loved Derry and can't wait to return.

Shop assistant Erin Kearney on what Friends star Courtney Cox told her on a visit to the city with her Derry-born fiancé Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol.

This is not about politics; it is, though, about a political party covering up for child sexual abuse.

Mairia Cahill on her claims that she was raped as a teenager by an IRA member and that Sinn Fein was trying to silence her

All it costs is 13p per person per week to fund the arts in Northern Ireland. Let's do it.

Pianist Barry Douglas joins the campaign to persuade Stormont to stop cuts in the arts sector

People in Northern Ireland regard him as a spoilt brat from a leafy loyalist suburb.

What a New York Times writer had to say about Rory McIlroy

They could not be more wrong had they pigeon-holed him as coming from Camp Twaddell

Belfast Telegraph sportswriter Jim Gracey cries foul over the American attack on Rory McIlroy

There was something saintly about Jack.

Dr Colin Morris' assessment at the funeral of Irish rugby star and former Zambia-based surgeon Jack Kyle

A nice movie, a week or more in Belfast. Why not?

Downton Abbey actor Rob James Collier on why he took a part in a low-budget, small-scale Cinemagic movie in Northern Ireland for a fraction of what he normally earns

He was there as a legend, but as a father he didn't play a role because my dad wasn't a f****** good dad.

Calum Best rails against his father George in a BBC documentary

If he's wanting to live up to his father, then stop bad-mouthing his father. Have a little bit more respect for your father's memory, please.

George Best's sister Barbara McNarry's message for her nephew Calum Best

An insult.

The DUP and Sinn Fein agree for once in their criticism of a national BBC programme's decision to subtitle what Castledawson blacksmith Barney Devlin was saying in an interview about poet Seamus Heaney

It was only then that I realised I must have won more than the £36 I won two weeks ago.

Newtownabbey woman Mary Hamilton on how the penny dropped after a shop wouldn't pay out her winnings on the EuroMillions draw. She later lifted a cheque for £12.9m

Gerry was a man of great wit and mischief, but he also brought great wisdom and insight to what he did.

Peter Johnston, director of BBC Northern Ireland, on the passing of legendary broadcaster Gerry Anderson

I would just sit there and laugh, really. There was nothing to produce.

The BBC's Michael Bradley's tribute after the death of Gerry Anderson

I was nearly a Nazi.

Enniskillen actor Charles Lawson - Corrie's Jim McDonald - on how he grew up as a staunch unionist who "probably" hated Catholics

I am not and I never have been a member of Isis.

Gerry Adams takes to Twitter to parody himself and his repeated denials of links with another terrorist organisation closer to home

By Tony Catney's actions in the past and his words in more recent times, he showed absolutely no regard for human rights, or basic human decency.

Nelson McCausland's response to a priest's praise for a convicted IRA killer

There used to be tumbleweed blowing down Donegall Street after five o'clock at night.

Arts organiser Sean Kelly on what the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast used to be like before the area became an entertainment hub and which he warned could go back to being a desert if Government cuts go ahead

He was one of the happiest men on Earth. He had an incredible zest for life and was happy in whatever he did, whether in the pulpit or the three parliaments in which he served.

Eileen Paisley's tribute to her husband at a memorial service in Belfast's Ulster Hall to which his political foes had not been invited

Apparently, it's being bullied out of the river by other swans.

A resident's take on why a swan was wandering about Belfast's Malone Road causing traffic hold-ups

It was terrifying. I was preparing for the worst at one stage.

Ulster and Ireland flanker Chris Henry after suffering a mini-stroke and undergoing heart surgery after a small hole was found in it.

Goodbye to my beautiful mummy Una Crudden. Sweet dreams to the bravest person I know.

Lisa Crudden's tribute after the death of her mother, Una, who was voted the Belfast Telegraph's Woman of the Year for her inspirational and courageous quest to raise awareness of ovarian cancer

Frightful things belong where they are now, in the past.

Singer Sinead O'Connor reveals she's applied to join Sinn Fein and calls on Gerry Adams and other party elders to quit

We don't want to be forced to promote a cause which is against our biblical beliefs.

General manager of the Ashers bakery firm Daniel McArthur defends their refusal to make a cake with a slogan supporting gay marriage

To be slammed by the bigots of the DUP is to be bathed in light and kissed by angels.

Actor/writer Stephen Fry responds to criticism after he attacked a DUP move to introduce a conscience amendment Bill in the wake of the "gay cake" row

The decision was made solely on the position of the talks at the time.

Downing Street spokesman denies David Cameron left crucial talks here early so that he could go to an Ibiza-style rave party to celebrate wife Samantha's birthday

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