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Sunday 26 January 2020
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An event celebrating Brexit is being held at Stormont (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Brexit campaigners will gather at Stormont to celebrate UK leaving EU Pro-Brexit demonstrators are to gather at the gates of Stormont next Friday night with Union flags to celebrate the UK leaving the EU.
News Briefing
Ulster Unionist peer Lord Rogan. Picture: UK Parliament Northern Ireland peer Lord Rogan presides as Brexit Bill clears final parliamentary hurdle Eimear McGovern Ulster Unionist peer Lord Rogan played the role of Lord Speaker in Westminster as Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill took the penultimate step before being made law.
Agreement: Stefaan De Rynck EU issues a warning to Boris Johnson over goods checks on Irish Sea By Rob Merrick The EU has warned Boris Johnson of "sanctions" if he fails to implement controversial goods checks in the Irish Sea after Brexit, opening up a fresh potential clash with the UK.
Finance Minister Conor Murphy with Michelle O’Neill and party colleagues Declan Kearney and Deirdre Hargey at Stormont (Liam McBurney/PA) Northern Ireland parties tell Boris Johnson that his Brexit plan is unacceptable By Michael McHugh MLAs have rejected the Government's EU withdrawal plan, with members reaching an agreed position without dissent following a near three-hour debate.
Business Briefing
Diane Dodds Brexit 'priority' over corporation tax cut: Economy Minister Dodds Margaret Canning Economy Minister Diane Dodds has said dealing with Brexit has overtaken cutting the rate of corporation tax as a priority for her department.
UFU president Ivor Ferguson Northern Ireland farmers to join London rally over fears for post-Brexit food standards By Margaret Canning The Ulster Farmers' Union has said it will take part in a demonstration in Westminster urging the UK Government to maintain strict standards on food following Brexit.
Prime Minister Boris Johnso Brexit will be done so let's now use it to our advantage John Simpson For too long, we were guilty of hoping that Brexit could be avoided. Now it is happening, the transition will start and the full rigour of leaving the EU will soon become a living experience. The amended UK-EU withdrawal agreement, negotiated by Boris Johnson, is nearly in place.
Analysis and Opinion
Another bad election result for Sinn Fein in Republic would bring Mary Lou McDonald's leadership into question It's fingers crossed for both DUP and Sinn Fein as Republic's election looms Alex Kane From late autumn last year, when it looked increasingly likely that Leo Varadkar was planning an early election, most of us in the commentary business concluded that Sinn Fein would be fairly keen to see the Executive and Assembly rebooted and back in business before that election.
Leo Varadkar of Fine Gael (pictured) and Micheal Martin of Fianna Fail are going to the polls Why unionists need to start talks about life after Brexit with politicians in the Republic Alban Maginess In 1969 Terence O'Neill, then Prime Minister of Northern Ireland and a much underrated - but in retrospect a far-seeing unionist politician - called a snap election for February 24. Ian Paisley, then a much underrated street agitator, derisively quipped: "Only a snowman would have called such an election."
Aodhan Connolly Brexit deal means a real glimmer of hope for progress in 2020 Aodhan Connolly Let's be honest, 2019 didn't do the business world in Northern Ireland any favours. All of us were marched to the top of the hill several times as Brexit deadlines approached, only to be marched back down to uncertainty after spending millions of pounds in preparations.
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