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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Prime Minister Boris Johnson
DUP and SF clash over Johnson's claim Brexit backstop a threat to peace Northern Ireland's political leaders have clashed over Boris Johnson's claim that the backstop would damage the peace process.
News Briefing
Boris Johnson will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Wednesday (PA) Johnson to meet Merkel as Irish border stance hardens By George Ryan, PA Political Reporter Boris Johnson is set to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel later, the first in a series of meetings with European and world leaders over the coming days.
PSNI at the scene of the attack on the Cavan Road in Fermanagh on Monday Blaming terror attacks on Brexit lets dissidents off hook, says DUP's Campbell By Lauren Harte DUP MP Gregory Campbell has said those blaming recent dissident republican terrorism on Brexit and the political vacuum in Northern Ireland are making excuses for "very twisted and warped individuals".
The backstop is an insurance policy intended to prevent the imposition of a hard border on the island of Ireland (David Young/PA) Brexit poll saying majority backs Irish Sea border rejected by DUP By Jenna Gardiner A DUP MP has rejected the findings of a poll which revealed that almost three out of five voters in Northern Ireland would prefer a border down the Irish Sea to a hard Brexit.
Business Briefing
Figures from the Andersons Centre show that, as it stands, a typical dairy Friesian farm would make a profit of £25,218 a year in 2020 Advisory service's no-deal research makes grim reading for farmers here By Mark McConville Farms in Northern Ireland would struggle to survive in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to business consultants.
Opposition: Chuck Schumer Congress will block US-UK trade deal if there's hard Brexit border, warns Senator By George Ryan A senior US politician warns lawmakers could block a future US-UK trade deal if the Good Friday Agreement is undermined.
Exporters can benefit from a fall in the value of sterling Why inflation trend post-Brexit disproves the big bang theory By Paul MacFlynn, senior economist, Neri As the prospect of a no-deal Brexit looms, much attention has focused on how the UK economy will react to life outside the EU on November 1.
Analysis and Opinion
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Brexit stand-off is madness... if people don't take a step back, then Operation Yellowhammer may seem like prudent planning By Robin Swann Operation Yellowhammer is not something new that has just been dreamed up. It has been ongoing for quite some time and it will continue to develop.
Feeling the strain: Boris Johnson and his Cabinet have been moved to deny leaked no-deal plans Operation Yellowhammer is not simply Project Fear by another name... it's what the Germans call Realpolitik By Tom Kelly Remember this old joke? Question: "How can you tell when a politician is lying?" Answer: "When their lips move." Well, since the revelation in a Sunday newspaper about the Civil Service emergency planning for a 'no-deal' Brexit, the lips of some politicians have been moving quicker than a ventriloquist's dummy on steroids.
Nigel Farage has indicated that losing Northern Ireland would be a price worth paying for Brexit Boris Johnson could be tempted by Brexit backstop only for Northern Ireland By Alex Kane Actually, the most interesting part of the LucidTalk poll is the indication that only 34% of DUP supporters believe that the government has done fairly well/very well in negotiating Brexit; with 60% believing they have done fairly badly/very badly.
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