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Fans brave icy Belfast weather to get tickets to see One Direction


Zoe Buchanan with her daughter Katie

Zoe Buchanan with her daughter Katie

Alicia Chappell, Tracey McCormick and Leanne Harrison. Leanne picked up tickets for her daughter

Alicia Chappell, Tracey McCormick and Leanne Harrison. Leanne picked up tickets for her daughter


Zoe Buchanan with her daughter Katie

One Direction fans in Belfast are still feeling the chill after camping out overnight to secure concert tickets.

Armed with pop-up tents and blankets, diehard fans lined the streets and braved the plummeting temperatures - all to see their favourite boy band.

Zoe Buchanan was first in line outside the city centre Ticketmaster outlet, arriving on Thursday morning - 48 hours before the box office opened.

She will be taking her 10-year-old daughter Katie to one of three dates at the Odyssey in October.

Zoe said: "Katie wanted the tickets last year and I couldn't get them, but I swore if they came to Belfast again I'd camp out to get them for her, and I would do anything to get them."

Fans said there was a brilliant atmosphere in the queue as they united to support each other despite the cold front.

"Everyone was helping each other out, and minding chairs while people went for something to eat," said Zoe.

"I got to go home and have a bath without worrying about losing my place."

Minutes after the tickets were released, a third date was added but all of the concerts sold out within minutes, bringing heartbreak to those who were too late.

Kylie Quinn is keeping the tickets a secret from her six-year-old daughter until October, when they will be a birthday present.

She said: "Cassidy thinks I was working nights, but I'm hoping she doesn't put two and two together and work out where I was."

She added: "Between 3am and 5am was the worst time, it got really bitter, and I thought about giving up and going home but I knew it would all be worth it for Cassidy.

"After I got the tickets on Saturday, I said I'd never camp out like that again but I probably will."

It was a broken night's sleep for many Directioners, as Belfast was filled with revellers enjoying a festive tipple.

Leanne Harrison, who picked up tickets for her daughter, said it was far from a quiet night.

"We were tortured with people out on their Christmas dinners, and there were a few fights as well, but there were so many of us waiting together that we weren't scared," she said.

"As soon as I got the tickets I phoned my partner and sister-in-law. They thought I wasn't right for staying out all night.

"Then I went straight home for a bath, because I was so cold I thought my toes were going to fall off. I'm still struggling to get warm."

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