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One Direction stars make dream come true for birthday girl

By Colin O'Carroll

One Direction have made a birthday wish for one little girl come true, giving her a memory to last a lifetime.

Chloe Sayers was taken to the band's Friday night show by her aunt Muriel as a 12th birthday present, along with a cousin and a friend.

Her devoted aunt smuggled a banner in down her trousers asking the band to wish her niece a happy birthday from the stage, to much hilarity among the girls.

Muriel Sayers said her cheek paid off big time.

"Chloe made four flipchart-size posters which said 'Niall, Please say, Happy Birthday, Chloe Sayers'.

"Security Guards were taking posters off the girls at the door so I hid her's down my trousers, which she thought was hilarious.

"When the band sang Little Things, they came above our heads and we held up the posters in a line to show the message.

"Niall, Harry and Liam saw it and smiled down at her but didn't say anything.

"Niall looked directly at me and I made a begging gesture and pointed to Chloe. "He looked directly at Chloe and gave her the thumbs up – but still nothing was said. Chloe was just so pleased that he had seen it."

The devoted auntie – who queued for 23 hours to get her niece a ticket right at the front said they thought that was as good as it got, but Chloe was in for a bigger thrill.

"Two songs later, the lights went up and Liam looked directly down at us and said, 'Has anyone got banners?'. The four of us held up the message and Liam said 'That's a long banner – look, that's for you Niall'.

"Niall came over, looked directly at Chloe and shouted 'Happy Birthday Chloe Sayers'.

"Well, the posters got flung in the air, Chloe started crying and the rest of us started screaming and jumping up and down – even me and I'm 49.

"I shouted up to them 'Thank you boys, you've made her night'.

"Liam smiled down at me and then said 'Happy Birthday Chloe'.

As for Chloe, she is still crying tears of joy.

In her own words: "It was the best night of my life."

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