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Gail Walker

Gail Walker

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Lyra McKee Opinion

Stacey Dooley in Africa

The scene outside Derry Courthouse following Saturday’s blast Gallery

Anyone puzzled at the enduring appeal of Dickens need only examine his greatest legacy to the world - Christmas - to discover the key to his popularity. [stock photo]

Cerys Matthews Gallery

American adventurer John Allen Chau (AP Photo/Sarah Prince)

'What can we do? We watch the floral tributes growing bigger and bigger outside the King Power Stadium, read the tweets wishing Glenn a speedy recovery and the articles about the player in his pomp, say a prayer if so inclined, feel sorry for those loved ones in panic or bereavement, and we remind ourselves that this is what people do when they do the best they can with a fate beyond their control'

The late Ray Galton

Arlene Foster speaking to the press at St Tiernach's Park, Clones

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