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Birth of twin girls is a timely present in this festive season

By Eddie McIlwaine

Is there such a thing as the perfect Christmas present?

Widow Maureen Robinson will tell you that yes, there is, in the form of the twin girls, wrapped in swaddling clothes (I just have to say that) her daughter-in-law Claire, wife of son Stephen, has just made her a gift of.

The twins, Mary Louisa and Hannah Joan, who each weighed six pounds at birth, arrived with perfect Christmas timing, over there in Florida, where Stephen earns his living.

Maureen, who so far has seen only photographs of the babes like the one I reproduce, is off early in January to see them for real and cannot wait for that travel date to arrive.

The other grandparents Ernie and Monika Frazer, who also live in Belfast, will be making the trip to Florida too.

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