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The scene outside Derry Courthouse following Saturday’s blast

Gail Walker: Those who left a car bomb in busy city street will not drag us back to bad old days... we have changed 

The strange thing about the Londonderry car bomb is the sense of being revisited by the past. No cliche was left unturned. The vehicle billowing with flames. The images of the debris resulting from the explosion in Bishop Street. And, of course, the ritual condemnations. We even had the predictable sight of an MLA putting his foot so firmly in his mouth he was in danger of kicking his own behind.

A memorial in Soloheadbeg marks the spot where two RIC policemen were murdered by Irish Volunteers, a seminal and controversial event in Ireland’s fight for independence

Alban Maginness: Why murder of two policemen in January 1919 still haunts political establishment in Irish Republic 

Next Monday, January 21, sees the 100th anniversary of the sitting of the first Dail in the Mansion House in Dublin. Having triumphed over the Home Rulers of the Irish Parliamentary Party in the famous 1918 General Election, Sinn Fein, as promised, boycotted the Westminster parliament and set up a new Irish parliament, the first such parliament since the abolition of the old Irish parliament by the Act of Union in 1800.

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