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Controversial figure: Boris Johnson

Sex, lies and Downing Street... why Boris is odds-on to be the next PM despite promiscuity 

It's a universally acknowledged point that the Republic has changed dramatically in recent decades - the latest referendum to liberalise divorce being further evidence. And so it has changed. But so has everywhere else. I find it difficult to equate the sleek, sophisticated Russian females of the present generation as being from the same gene pool as the stern Soviet baboushkas I encountered in the 1980s and 90s.

Pakistani Christians hold candles to pay tribute to the Sri Lanka blasts victims during a vigil in Islamabad in April

Alban Maginness: From Sri Lanka to North Korea, Christians are being murdered for their beliefs as never before 

On Sunday, Menik Glynn, a local lady, originally from Sri Lanka, organised a peace walk and street collection that was supported by Protestants, Catholics, Hindus and Muslims. Together, they walked in solidarity in splendid sunshine through Belfast city centre, to demonstrate their support for those Christians in Sri Lanka who were savagely attacked by Islamic extremists in Colombo and Negombo.

From left, Martina Anderson, Naomi Long and Diane Dodds at the count for the European elections

Fionola Meredith: MEPs' gender completely irrelevant ... it's what they actually stand for that counts 

Did a little tear of sisterly pride and joy spring to my eye when I saw our three new female MEPs take to the podium this week? Did it heck. Far too much has been made of the fact that Naomi Long, Diane Dodds and Martina Anderson happen to share the same chromosomes. That's about all they share, as far as I can see, and it means diddly squat. Despite all the trumpeting, their gender is the least relevant thing about them as politicians.

Nigel Farage (right) after being hit by a milkshake during a walkabout this week in Newcastle

Fionola Meredith: Current craze for drenching politicians on the far-Right only makes them stronger 

Nobody has ever thrown a milkshake at me - so far - but I can imagine how it feels. First the shock of the sudden cold splash, as the cup hits you, then the rising smell of sickly-sweet dairy, and finally the mortifying realisation that you look as though you've been dive-bombed by a flock of incontinent seagulls. And then the aftermath, when the horrible stickiness soaks in and starts gluing your trousers to your legs. Nasty.


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