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Christian Aid's Adrian Horsman: I witnessed Archbishop Desmond Tutu's dignity, humour and above all his bravery

Your idea of Heaven?

I hope that with Heaven comes enlightenment. I want to know what's going on!

Eternity, would it not be boring?

Never! The trouble with being time-limited mortals is that we cannot properly conceive of what 'eternity' means – like a two-dimensional creature trying to get to grips with the concept of three dimensions. Scary, perhaps. But boring? No.

Could God be a woman?

God is more than that, all-encompassing, all genders, everything we can think of and much more besides.

Your finest moment of spiritual enlightenment?

I was a rather cynical radio/TV journalist for quarter of a century. But when I joined Christian Aid 10 years ago, I was taught to be thankful for what I have in my life. Others, however, really are suffering and we now have the chance to put an end to that.

The person alive today you most admire and why?

Archbishop Desmond Tutu In South Africa in the 1980s. I witnessed his dignity, his humour and above all his bravery in facing down both the apartheid regime and those in the townships who wanted to burn alive those they saw as collaborators.

If you had just one question to ask God face to face, what would it be?

As fundamentalist beliefs cause such grief in this world, is there more than one 'right' way of accepting you?

Your favourite book/music/film?

Book: Winnie the Pooh. Music: Bach's Christmas Oratorio. Film: Apollo 13.

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