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Keep right: the Kremlin and Russia is now under the control of that ‘kindly capitalist’ Vladimir Putin

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution... it's real good to see Putin leading a capitalist utopia 

It's 100 years since the Russian Revolution, which some people are celebrating, though, if you were to be picky, you could argue it hasn't gone entirely to plan. If you set up a holiday resort, you might not be happy if the most favourable review on TripAdvisor was: "After a picturesque drive (slightly spoilt when we reached for our camera and armed guards yelled 'No photo', and pointed a Kalashnikov at our children), we arrived in good time, but the food was disappointing as we had to queue three days for a frozen potato."

Frances Burscough

My Father’s Day gift that ended all others 

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the dads out there; I hope you’re all being spoilt rotten by your adoring kids! I’m finally back in Belfast after having spent most of the year so far looking after my 85-year-old dad in England, so I won’t be seeing him this weekend. However, there are seven other offspring to take over where I left off, so he’s in good hands. When I told dad I’d be away for Father’s Day he said: “Well, every day is Father’s Day when you’ve got eight kids caring for you!” Bless him.

Search teams examining forest land in France for the body of republican murder victim Seamus Ruddy

Why Seamus Ruddy saga makes case for a PTSD centre in Northern Ireland unanswerable 

Influenced as much by The Clash's Joe Strummer as Karl Marx, or Che Guevara, this writer became an early convert to Left-wing causes. Even by the end of the 1970s, this fledgling Leftist was adopting the "causes" of others across the planet, such as the heroic Vietnamese, who had driven out the Americans and were now engaged in an equally justified war against the genocidal Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot and their Chinese backers.


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